Improve Outcomes in a Heartbeat with Healthcare IT Solutions

As a healthcare provider, your priorities are to provide your patients with excellent care and protect their confidential data. We know that better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication as well as a robust infrastructure. Integrated Solutions and Technologies offers healthcare IT solutions that deliver the uptime and performance you need and keeps you compliant with federal HIPAA regulations.

As your trusted IT partner, we solve your storage and server utilization challenges, minimize the risk of migrating to electronic health records and integrate and streamline the systems that power your day-to-day operations.

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IT Solutions

What do our healthcare IT solutions do for you?


Stay Compliant with Regulations

Does trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving and often burdensome federal compliance regulations send you into a panic? Don’t worry — we’re on top of all the changes so you don’t have to be. Our expert technicians monitor the relevant criteria for your business environment and deploy solutions accordingly.

Maintain Client Satisfaction

You value your patient’s trust and prioritize the safety of their private data more than anything. Our healthcare IT solutions ensure that their information is regularly backed up and always protected from threats, so your relationship is never compromised.

Protection Against Chaos

We make it easy and stress free to safeguard your business and patient information. Installation is simple, and backups are automatic. Security is solid, and maintenance is handled by a dedicated group of professionals. The offsite storage system allows scalability and provides 24/7 file restoration.

Prepare for Expansion

We know that each and every business is unique. Your organization has exceptional qualities that can’t be found anywhere else, as well as distinguishing IT needs. You may already have a designated IT person, or maybe you have no IT professional at all. There are so many factors that go into each company, and that’s why we create personalized IT solutions that are ready to grow with you.

Our Healthcare IT Solutions:

Managed IT Services

Outsource your daily IT hiccups to a team that cares about your growth and success.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Leave your network cabling infrastructure to our experienced team of field technicians.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Discover what’s possible when your business gains mobility and flexibility.

Camera Solutions

Don’t let crimes go unnoticed. Our security cameras use high-def imaging.

Cyber Security Solutions

Put cyber criminals in their place and safeguard your critical data.

Technical Services

Utilize our technical services to transform your technology without sacrificing core business functions.

24/7 IT Support

IT problems can’t tell time. Luckily, you can get in touch with our engineers whenever you need them most.

Better patient care starts here.