Video Storage

A real-time feed of what your cameras are monitoring is great – if someone is there watching it. Our camera solutions store your video feed so you can download clips and review footage from the past 24 hours, week or even year.

IP & HD Cameras

You rely on your cameras to capture threats to your business, but if you’re not able to clearly see what’s happening, how is that helping? Our HD and IP cameras ensure you get a clear view from any connected device.

POS Integration

Data doesn’t easily transfer between systems when your POS and video surveillance system are disconnected. By integrating your solutions together, you can quickly search for similar transactions based on specific filters.

Comprehensive Integration and Security Camera Installations

Whether you manage a single location or have 10,000 nationwide, an effective system of security cameras helps you prevent crime and protect your assets. A strategically placed surveillance camera is a crucial defense for capturing and documenting security, retail events and analytics. But, are your current camera solutions providing you the features you need to scale and update your system fully?

A video surveillance system integrates with the technology solutions that we provide. Alongside our complete line of surveillance systems, cameras and security camera cabling, we offer a comprehensive security package on any level. IST Services and Communications provides the experience and expertise needed to design, install, service and monitor your video surveillance systems.

Our security camera solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing or new network and systems. We understand the sophisticated, specific requirements of your security needs, as well as the end-users desire for a simple, easy-to-use system. That’s why we’ve developed a security solution that balances those requirements. Our wireless surveillance systems are custom-tailored to fit your needs, making them ideal for both small organizations with tight budgets and larger enterprise-level organizations that require analytics and customer count. Whether you are looking for basic security camera installation or you want a comprehensive system that does more for your business, we have the solutions you need.

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