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Patching software, installing upgrades, backing up data – when it comes to managing your applications, there are countless tasks involved. These time consuming jobs can’t be put on the backburner, but you can’t sacrifice the core business functions that require your attention every day. So, what’s a business leader to do in this predicament? We’ll give you a hint – call us.

When you partner with IST Services & Communications Inc. you regain the time you need to focus on more strategic activities that support your goals and foster growth. With our application hosting services, we host your applications in our secure, modern, climate-controlled data center and ensure they’re regularly inventoried, so you’re never surprised by an unexpected expired license. We’ll properly install, configure, secure and integrate your apps to minimize downtime and optimize your productivity.

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The Impact of
Application Delays

What do our application hosting services do for you?

Ensuring your applications are properly installed, configured, secure and integrated is the truest way to eliminate downtime. From standard productivity solutions to the most complex and specialized systems, your applications have to be up and running perfectly all the time.


Run Applications on State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Cross one more task off of your to-do list and host your applications in our secure, modern data center. We make sure your servers, storage, network and more are always updated and best in class. That extends to the physical environment, too. Our datacenter environment is climate controlled, its physical and computer access tightly secured, and it’s managed 24/7 by certified engineers, technicians and support staff.

Provides Constant Monitoring

IST Services & Communications Inc. monitors and manages the performance of each of your applications. This includes the applications themselves, the systems that integrate them with your database and other applications, the network that it runs on, and the backup and storage systems where their data is stored.

Increase Performance

There are a lot of variables that go into ensuring optimized performance. With our application hosting services, every one of your applications is tuned to peak operation. That includes network components, bandwidth, memory, firewalls, anti-spam protection and more.

Access Maintenance and Support

IST Services & Communications Inc. performs routine and regular preventative maintenance to keep your applications updated and running smoothly. We inventory your applications, ensure your licenses are not only current but the appropriate size for your business, and provide you every level of support you need: from remote to onsite.


Software failure accounts for 13% of downtime

5 Seconds

Employees think 3-5 seconds is too long for an app to load


Workers waste 10% of their workday on IT delays

We have all your apps under control.