Easily Adapt to Changing Needs with Server Hosting

As your organization grows bigger, your technology becomes more sophisticated and complicated. But what happens when managing your infrastructure requires an expert understanding of technology, and there’s no room in your office to house it? Well, that’s a simple answer. You forgo any feeling of panic and turn to our server hosting and colocation solutions.

Colocating to a virtual environment provides you with the scalability and affordability you need to stay ahead of your competitors. So, when you partner with us, we house your servers, storage and more in our colocation data center, where you can count on maximum uptime and security without breaking the bank. We maintain, secure and monitor every aspect for you so that you can grow your business without a second thought. You’ll have the power you need without the hassles.

House IT Off-Site

Take IT Off Your Plate

What do our server hosting and colocation solutions do for you?

Forward-thinking businesses are realizing they can keep expenses in check while strengthening security and taking the responsibility of maintaining their infrastructure off their plate by using shared data center hosting.


Provides World-Class Physical Security

Businesses are mindful of the need to protect their data from intruders, starting with limiting access to the equipment itself. Our colocation datacenter requires visitors to use a proximity card and PIN to enter the building. Then, before going into the datacenter, they must use another proximity card and undergo a biometric scan. The server racks are locked, and the datacenter is monitored, so you can power through your workday with peace of mind.

Access to Strategic IT Experts

Having the right people to manage your technologies can be a major financial and management challenge. With our virtual server hosting, our team of technicians are always available to provide support and respond to questions and concerns. You’ll know that whoever is assigned to the work is an expert, well-trained in the task at hand.

Offers Strong Partnership

IST Services & Communications Inc. brings together the best technology partners and providers to ensure you have the strongest, most secure virtual infrastructure. We take responsibility for it all, meaning you have only one contact point for questions, support and to open and track issues.

Delivers Unmatched Network Security

We take network security just as seriously as we do physical security. Attacks can come from anywhere, so we use the most advanced security systems, software and appliances to protect your colocated infrastructure. Our sophisticated technology, including best-in-class VPN services, protects your servers from unauthorized access.


98% of businesses say an hour of downtime costs $100,000


Your infrastructure is secure 24/7 with IST


64% of businesses engage in colocation services

Are you ready to make the move?