Backup and Recovery

An unexpected disaster doesn’t have to be an actual disaster. Shield your critical data and ensure your business continuity with our backup and recovery solutions.

Compliance Solutions

Risking your client’s private data only ends with hefty fines and broken client trust. Stay on the right side of regulations with our compliance solutions.

Computer and Network Security

You don’t work around the clock, but hackers do. Defend your business with our computer and network security.

Industry-Leading Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber threats loom at every corner, and they’re only growing in size. You take protecting your business and clients seriously, but it’s difficult to know what to look out for when you don’t have a cyber security expert on your team.

Our cyber security solutions are tailored specifically to solve your unique challenges. With IST Services & Communications Inc. in your corner, you have a team of technicians defending your infrastructure and bridging the gaps in your security system. We know you’ve worked hard to build your business, so we work just as hard to protect it.

Take Control of Your Risks

Cyber Security Solutions

What can our cyber security solutions do for you?

Protection Against the Toughest Cybercriminals

For your organization to stay in business, you need world-class security measures. Our expert team at IST Services & Communications Inc. monitors, isolates and eliminates even the most intricate of cyber threats before they get a chance to take hold and destroy your budget, your reputation – and maybe even your entire business.

Proactive Maintenance and Planning

Having a proactive plan in place to deal with cyber crime is the safest move you can make to protect your data. Our team of technicians assess your risks and map out a plan to eliminate downtime and data breaches due to hackers. Plus, we offer 24/7 threat monitoring while keeping a watchful eye on your access control.

Help You Understand Your Risk Level

If you’re unsure of what your risk level is, allow our team of security experts to assess your infrastructure and network. During this process, we identify your vulnerabilities and fix the weakest links in your security, with minimal if any downtime, all while you go about your business.

Transform ‘Unthinkable’ to ‘Unsinkable’

Some businesses only think about backup and recovery for their data during times of crisis. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike; take action by partnering up with the experts at IST Services & Communications Inc. Our backup and data recovery services can guard against threats with a system that is as affordable as it is effective.

Gaps in your security leave your business vulnerable.