Protect Your Network and Productivity

Malware, viruses, data breaches – it’s a breeze for cyber criminals to hack into your systems and wreak havoc on your business these days. It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to recover from data loss, so you need all hands on deck to protect your computers and networks.

We know that data, networks and computers are critical assets to the success of any business. The good news is that our engineers have the experience and expertise in network and computer security to defend them. When you partner with IST Services & Communications Inc., we evaluate your current infrastructure and create a strategic plan to bridge any gaps in your systems leaving you vulnerable. We help you reach compliance, backup vital data and safeguard the future of your business. Security is our number one priority. Is it yours too?

Don't Face Your Security Challenges Alone

Don’t Risk IT

What does our computer and network security do for you?

When you leave your network and computers vulnerable to cyber threats, you risk the future of your entire organization. At IST Services & Communications Inc., we take computer and network security seriously. Our technicians apply multi-layer security to your network, servers and computers to protect you from cyber criminals at every turn.


Shields Against Malicious Hackers

You need world-class security measures to make sure you can achieve your goals of growing your business. Our expert team of technicians monitor, isolate and eliminate even the most intricate of cyber threats before they get a chance to take hold and destroy your budget, your reputation – and maybe even your entire business.

Ensures Your Continuity

Some businesses only think about backup and recovery for their data during times of crisis, but not you. You proactively take action by partnering up with the experts at IST Services & Communications Inc. We guard against threats and make the latest technology work for you, instead of scrambling for a fix after the unthinkable has already happened.

Lowers Technology Costs

When your technologies aren’t properly protected, you’ll eventually experience downtime, higher costs and lost productivity. Leave your devices and network to us, and we protect them from damaging cyber attacks, simple human error and other risks to save you from unnecessary IT expenses.

Access to Strategic IT Experts

Having the right people to manage your technologies can be a major financial and management challenge. With our network and computer security, our team of technicians is always available to provide support and respond to questions and concerns. You’ll know that whoever is assigned to the work is an expert, well-trained in the task at hand.


The average ransom demand has risen to $1,077

1 in 5

One in five businesses that paid the ransom never got their files back


72% of attacked businesses lost access to data for two days or more

Cyber threats have no place in your business.