24/7 IT Support Covering Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama

Now more than ever, you depend on your technology to run efficiently so you can grow your business. So, when you experience downtime or an IT roadblock that won’t budge, your bottom line pays the price. Now think about this. How much time do you spend waiting for your MSP to get back to you when your IT needs immediate attention? If our guess is right, it’s entirely too much. When you trust IST Services & Communications Inc. as your IT partner, you never have to wait for a callback.

We understand you need around-the-clock proactive monitoring and accessible support from a reliable IT partner. Our team of technicians listens carefully to your issue and defines the problem in clear, simple terms while walking you through every step of the process we use to move your IT roadblock.

Experience IT Support without Geek Speak

24/7 IT Support
Saves Time, Money
and Productivity

What does our technical support do for you?

The clock’s ticking when you come face to face with an IT roadblock. You deserve fast, effective and reliant IT support. That’s why we prioritize identifying and responding to issues, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.


Access to Maintenance and Support

IST Services & Communications Inc. performs routine and preventative maintenance to keep your applications updated and running smoothly. We inventory your applications, ensure your licenses are not only current but the appropriate size for your business, and provide you every level of support you need – from remote to onsite.

Provides Proactive Protection

Between being proactive and being reactive, proactive is always the superior choice. The key to preventing downtime is ensuring your systems and devices are safeguarded from cyber threats. Our technical support is designed to prepare you for unplanned events, so downtime is minimal and your workflow is optimized.

Eliminates IT-Related Headaches

Nothing ruins a morning cup of coffee like starting your day off with an IT obstacle. We can help with that. When you partner with us, you never have to face your technology challenges alone. With our 24/7 IT support, all you have to do is report your issue and our technicians get started on developing a solution right away.

Delivers Solutions of All Sizes

The skilled technicians at IST Services and Communications Inc. are capable of building solutions for technology challenges of all sizes – even the ones that are your worst nightmare. So, the next time you come across an IT problem, give our technology experts a call and put their knowledge to the test.

100 Hours

Updated technology increased user productivity by 100 hours


Outsourcing technical support saves you from the $72,000 starting salary of an in-house technician


50% of businesses can’t diagnose connectivity challenges on their own

We've got you covered day and night.