An Infrastructure Built for Efficiency

Your server and network infrastructure is the backbone of your operations. You count on a reliable infrastructure, and any interruptions lead to wasted time, money and copious amounts of frustration. But, to keep things running smoothly, you need to ensure drivers and software are properly updated – which takes valuable resources away from focusing on key projects.

With our server and network management, we make sure your network equipment, systems and applications are properly provisioned, secured and optimized for maximum performance and reliability. Plus, our team of well-equipped engineers provides on-site or remote tech support to ensure any issues are attended to quickly and to your satisfaction. When you partner with IST Services & Communications Inc. you experience the performance you need to maximize your productivity.

Don’t Negotiate Your Productivity

IT Roadblocks Can Hold You Back

What does our server and network management do for you?

If you want to reach your full potential, you need your network to run efficiently. Otherwise, you face lost productivity and resources. At IST Services & Communications Inc. we understand how valuable your time and money are and how disruptive downtime is. That’s why we offer proactive network management. We monitor your system’s performance, eliminate vulnerabilities and keep your systems and applications updated, so you can keep working and growing.


Access to Top-Notch IT Experts

Our virtual CIOs, engineers, technicians and IT support staff have 15 years of experience and knowledge ready to be put to use. You can work with peace of mind knowing that when you come face to face with a technology roadblock, our IT help desk is just a phone call away.

Improves Your Security

There’s no need to panic when our technicians remove spyware, adware and viruses before they wreak havoc on your systems. We audit patches, ports, passwords and firewalls. We inventory hardware and software assets, track your warranties and service contracts, and provide security updates and software installations.

Offers Strong Partnership

IST Services & Communications Inc. brings together the best technology partners and providers to ensure you have the strongest, most secure virtual infrastructure. We take responsibility for it all, meaning you have only one contact point for questions, support and to open and track issues.

Reduces Technology Costs

Your bottom line takes a hit after purchasing and provisioning server hardware, software and network resources. Our server and network management lower your operating costs with a predictable monthly fee while keeping your infrastructure up and running at full optimization.

130 Minutes

Total unplanned outages can last 130 minutes


A minute of downtime can cost you $926

91 Hours

IT challenges cost your employees 91 hours of lost productivity per year

We improve your IT performance while you run your business.