Stay Informed and Make the Right IT Decisions for Your Business

When it comes to technology, understanding your options can be confusing and overwhelming. You know you need an infrastructure that supports your business operations and evolves with you as you grow, but what does that look like? Well, look no further. IST Services & Communications Inc. has the answer.

Our vCIO services help you review your operations, assess your technology needs, align your IT infrastructure with your strategy, develop strategic plans, implement technology policies, ensure business continuity, maximize vendor relationships and make the most of your technology. Our virtual CIO brings an extensive technical background to the table that spans a range of IT environments and applies technical knowledge to help you reach your strategic goals.

Strategic Guidance without the Hefty Price Tag

Don’t Pay More
for Fewer Benefits

What does virtual CIO do for you?

IST Services & Communications Inc. does more than provide trustworthy technical support. We merge our extensive technical knowledge and engineering expertise to give you the benefits of a senior IT executive without the high cost. What does our virtual CIO do for you?


Adds a Top-Notch Technologist to Your Team

With our virtual CIO as a part of your team, you’ll have a strategic, watchful eye over your entire IT environment. This goes beyond simply buying and putting systems and software into place. It ensures that all your technologies are designed and configured to address the unique needs of your specific business.

Makes You Invulnerable to Disaster

Allow your personal virtual CIO to design and build an unbreakable fortress against chaos: both man-made and natural disaster. We design your backup and restore architecture, help you determine how best to implement it and bring it all together to form your disaster recovery strategy.

Provides a Broad & Comprehensive Analysis

Our virtual CIOs perform comprehensive research and analysis for you. We uncover quality equipment and applications for your needs and budget and implement them into your infrastructure. Plus, we look far beyond the current or even the next project – creating long-term strategic roadmaps to guide you through growth and transition over time.

Tightens Ongoing Administration

Turn to us to help you get all your IT assets under your control. That includes ensuring your licenses are updated, and that you’re utilizing them. We take inventory of all your hardware and make certain warranties are tracked and up to date. It even reaches your mobile devices, making sure that they’re continually authorized and tracked.


Access our virtual CIO 24/7, not just 9 to 5


The base salary for an in-house CIO


18% of executives say their CIO is less influential on IT spending compared to five years ago

Make informed decisions that support your goals.