Migration and Deployment

Transporting your servers and network can be tricky and cause downtime. Trust our engineers to make your migration seamless and stress free.

Network Design and Deployment

The efficiency of your workflow depends on the effectiveness of your network design. Build a safe and reliable network with IST.

The Technical Services You Need to Optimize Your Workday

Optimizing your infrastructure, installing and updating software, streamlining processes – managing your IT is a full-time job, and you already have a business to run. Technology is what keeps you competitive, so you can’t afford to put it on the backburner. But what do you do when you don’t have the time and necessary expertise to manage your infrastructure successfully? Call the IST Services & Communications Inc. team of professional engineers, of course!

We prioritize integrating technology into your business in a way that sets you up for long-term growth and success. Our IT support in middle Tennessee and northern Alabama takes the time-consuming and head-scratching IT tasks off of your plate, so you can focus on breaking barriers in your industry. From seamless migrations and integrations to optimizing the efficiency of your network design, we have you covered.

Cross IT off Your To-Do List

Technical Services

What can our technical services do for you?

Tighten Ongoing Administration

Turn to us to help you get all your IT assets under your control. That includes ensuring your licenses are updated, and that you’re utilizing all of them. We take inventory of all your hardware and make certain warranties are tracked and updated. It also reaches your mobile devices, making sure that they’re continually authorized and tracked.

Add Expert Technologists to Your Team

With our skillful engineers, you’ll have a guiding eye over your entire IT landscape. That extends beyond simply buying and implementing systems and software, and it ensures that all your technologies are designed and configured to address the unique needs of your specific business.

Enhance Your Infrastructure

When you have a never-ending to-do list on your desk every morning, you don’t have time for your technology to be finicky. You need a safe and reliable network to work from, and our technicians help you get there with proactive monitoring and routine maintenance.

Harness the Power of New Tech

We realize that all technology has an expiration date, and no matter how many times you update your systems, sometimes upgrading is the only viable solution. From installation and deployment, and relocation and migration, to searching for new options, we’ll walk you through each process to ensure your IT works at peak performance.

We're passionate about making IT work.