Simple and Seamless Migration Services

Capacity planning, transferring data, deploying new solutions – staying competitive with the latest technology is no easy task. You can’t rely on an outdated infrastructure to support you, but migrating your environment on your own without the necessary expertise can mean an extensive amount of downtime and a massive headache. At IST Services & Communications Inc., we completely understand your frustration. Our expert team walks you through each process from installation and deployment to relocation and migration of your data.

We manage your data migration seamlessly without interrupting your workflow, and keep you running at peak performance while optimizing your system and network. Migration and deployment done right means a faster delivery of IT solutions, increasing your agility and advantage over competitors. And it’s all done with complete cost transparency.

Our migration services include installing new hardware and software, configuration for optimum performance and proactive monitoring and testing to maximize uptime. Whether you need to level up your security, open a new office or move to the cloud, you can count on our IT services to make your transition as enjoyable as possible.

Make the Process Fast and Stress Free

We Save You Time, Money and Resources

What do our migration and deployment services do for you?

Do you have 2 months and $3,000 to kill? We didn’t think so. Migrating data to the cloud without expert assistance can cost you big time.


Maximize Scalability

Data migration and cloud-based services offer unparalleled scalability, elasticity and flexibility. The business benefits are so compelling that adoption is growing at a rapid pace across all industries and sectors. But, do you know what cloud solution offers the best services to meet your specific needs? We’ll analyze your current challenges and make suggestions based on your short and long-term goals.

Speed up Deployment

We speed up and manage your data by deploying new tech solutions, upgrading them and configuring your systems to integrate your new solutions while optimizing your performance seamlessly. So, whether your existing computers are slowing down and need upgrading or your existing server needs to relocate, we’ll manage your migration and deployment services.

Reduce Downtime During Migration

The whole point of data migration is increased efficiency and performance, which is why we have honed our entire process to reduce or even eliminate downtime during the migration. We transition your new or updated system without interrupting your workflow and make sure that your current solutions are integrated correctly with your new tech.

Harness the Power of New Tech

We realize that technology has an expiration date, and no matter how many times you update your systems, sometimes upgrading to new technology is the only viable solution. That’s why we support the entire lifecycle of your hardware. From installation and deployment, and relocation and migration, to searching for new options, we’ll walk you through each process to ensure your IT is helping you work at peak performance.


60% of engineering firms say a lack of security skills slows down cloud migration

2 Months

How long most organizations take to migrate to the cloud


The cost of migrating servers without migration services

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