Sound and Paging

Loud and clear communication

The final piece to most business communication plans is typically full building sound.  Whether you need speakers covering your building to pipe ambient music in for your customers, to utilize paging driven by your telephone system, or play tones or announcements automatically at given intervals, IST has a variety of solutions to amplify your communications.

We have your paging needs covered with everything from running sound cabling to installing the speakers.  we are also experienced in integration with your phone system, cloud marketing or music platform, or any other source of sound.

Music to their ears

IST's robust sound and paging systems are perfect for delivering HiFi audio to your customers and employees. Our systems are multi-functional and allow you to play music when you need to and send pages from your phone system when you don't.

Park and Page Solutions

Is Janet in operations never at her desk? We've got you covered. With our park and page solutions, your customers can dial Janet's extension and the system will automatically page her to the nearest phone to take the call.

Power Outage Redundancy

When the power goes out, one of the most important tools in your belt to calm customers and employees can be your paging system. IST has you covered with an array of battery backup options to keep your sound system running loud and clear when disaster strikes.

Eliminate Communications Headaches. Nightmares. Problems. Slowdowns.