Fiber Optic Installation & Repair

Your expert in the new cabling standard: Fiber Optics

You can’t turn on the television, open up your web browser, or see ten interstate billboards without being reminded that “fiber” is coming.  It’s a major aspect to modern data circuit marketing that we hear every day… but what is fiber? And more importantly, why do you need to know about it?

Fiber Optic Communication is the use of light pulses to communicate data rather than electrical signals sent over copper cables.  The light signals can transmit data at higher bandwidths, longer distances, and with immunity to electromagnetic interference.  It has become the backbone of many business networks, and if high speed connections across your entire business network is what you need,  it should become a part of yours.

Fiber Optic Installation & Design Consulting

Whether your cable needs to run through the sky or under the ground, our team is ready to build a fiber infrastructure to keep your network (and therefore your business) running. IST Services take a soup to nuts approach to fiber. We start with creating a detailed design plan and finish with running, testing, and certifying your fiber.

Fiber Optic Repair

Regardless of where your cable is run, accidents happen and cable gets cut. IST quickly dispatches qualified technicians, establishes what happened, and makes a swift repair. When your business depends on your network, IST has you covered.

Testing and Certification

When it comes to your network infrastructure, it is crucial to validate that your cabling meets and exceeds industry standards. We use state-of-the-art equipment and our years of expertise to test and certify that your fiber optic cabling is up to the task of keeping your business running.

Eliminate IT Headaches. Nightmares. Problems. Slowdowns.