Virtual PBX – VoIP

Phone System features, without the phone system.

For decades the business telephone system has been a monstrosity of a machine taking up space, electricity, and money.  With Virtual PBX solutions from IST Services & Communications, you get all the features of an on-premise phone system (and then some), significantly easier programming, zero-maintenance, and redundancy measures in the event of a data or power failure to your business.

When you opt for a Virtual PBX Solution, you eliminate the need to purchase equipment, reduce your phone bill by leveraging your existing internet connection to power your desk phones, and free yourself from only being able to use phones designed for a certain system.

Most importantly, these systems are remotely supported, eliminating downtime and allowing you to worry less about your phones and more about the customers who call them.

24/7 Support Included

When you opt for a Virtual PBX Solution from IST or one of our partners, you receive support as a part of your monthly phone bill, which is often less than what you are paying now.

Unlimited Long Distance

Charging by the minute for long distance calls is still common place with old fashioned telephone services. With Virtual PBX, it doesn't matter if you are calling across the street or across the country, you will pay the same amount each month.

Outage Redundancy

Since a Virtual PBX is hosted off-site in a data center with battery and generator backups, your customers will not get a busy signal in the event of a loss of power or connectivity. Virtual PBX systems offer an array of back up options from forwarding calls to voicemail or other locations, to failing over to cellphones so that your customers never miss you!

Eliminate Communications Headaches. Nightmares. Problems. Slowdowns.