Virtual PBX – VoIP

Phone System features, without the phone system.

IST Talk provides superior VoIP quality, reliability, and flexibility for customers in need of an intuitive easily deployed solution. Experience a pure cloud communications solution that streamlines and simplifies your operations. Business Voice is the ultimate cloud communications platform for any business in need of seamless, ultra-flexible connectivity.

Features and Benefits

Pure Cloud Architecture

Business Voice is a pure cloud deployment platform. Designed for businesses that want peerless call quality, communications flexibility, and exceptional system support, Business Voice is the perfect, zero-hardware option.

Intuitive Management

Business Voice is a user-friendly platform that prioritizes the user experience with intuitive management controls. Users can navigate to their critical communications tools with ease to stay connected, efficient, and productive.

Multi-Location Flexibility

Business Voice optimizes your operations from one location to many. All phones are connected and operate as a single system allowing for direct extension dialing, seamless call transfers, ring groups, call queues, and more.

Proprietary Network Backbone

Business Voice is run on our proprietary private backbone, a redundant, reliable, and secure communications network for your mission-critical communications. We built our architecture with your business in mind to help support you with ultra-reliable, high-quality communications.

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Our customers save an average of 15% to 60% (sometimes more) on their business communication and collaboration solutions!

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24/7 Support Included

When you opt for a Virtual PBX Solution from IST or one of our partners, you receive support as a part of your monthly phone bill, which is often less than what you are paying now.

Unlimited Long Distance

Charging by the minute for long distance calls is still common place with old fashioned telephone services. With Virtual PBX, it doesn't matter if you are calling across the street or across the country, you will pay the same amount each month.

Outage Redundancy

Since a Virtual PBX is hosted off-site in a data center with battery and generator backups, your customers will not get a busy signal in the event of a loss of power or connectivity. Virtual PBX systems offer an array of back up options from forwarding calls to voicemail or other locations, to failing over to cellphones so that your customers never miss you!

Eliminate Communications Headaches. Nightmares. Problems. Slowdowns.