Access Control

Granular control of site access made easy.

Certain people need access to certain things, but these same people need to stay away from others.  With Access Control from IST, we eliminate the need to keep up with who has keys to what.  With one look at your computer, you can see who can get in to what, and modify that setting with ease.

When you combine our years of experience cabling systems like this with our technical prowess and partnership with area locksmiths to verify the work, IST is the clear choice for your access control installation, maintenance, or repair.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We understand that a robust access control system is a commitment. When you partner with IST for your building's security, our team remotely monitors your system to ensure that it is properly securing your premises at all times.

Key Cards

IST can provide you with custom key/ID cards and badges that work with your access control system. This way, you never have to worry about employees sharing door codes or copying keys. Simply deactivate their card when the time comes and they will no longer have access.

Time Clock Integration

Take the guesswork out of whether or not your employees are at work by knowing exactly when the entered the building.

Locksmith Partners

We partner with local master locksmiths to combine the technical advances of access control systems with the art of brute force physical security. This creates a marriage of truly secure points of entry and technology to manage who can go through them.

Eliminate insecure open unsafe premises