Video Analytics

Meet your new eyes and ears.

Seldom is a review of video footage the result of good news.  Whether you need to know what happened to the $200 missing from the cash drawer, or you need to assist law enforcement in determining who burglarized your business, time is of the essence and reviewing hours of video footage is simply unacceptable.

IST Services and Communications offers an array of video analytics platforms to compile motion data, POS information, audio information, and more to paint a crystal clear picture of where you need to focus your investigative efforts.

Video Storage and Retrieval

A real-time feed of what your cameras are monitoring is great – if someone is there watching it. Our camera solutions store your video feed so you can download clips and review footage from the past 24 hours, week or even year.

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are quickly becoming the industry standard. These cameras integrate with your existing network to deliver clear digital images over familiar cabling.

POS Integration

When analyzing transactions, nothing is more frustrating than desperately trying to find a specific transaction on camera only to find that your DVR and POS timestamps are off. With POS Integration, you can call up specific transactions quickly and easliy.

HD Analog Cameras

When every penny counts, HD analog cameras continue to provide excellent value. These cameras deliver a crystal clear image for those with the most basic of needs and on a tight budget.

Eliminate grainy improperly time stamped blurry corrupted out of focus video.