Site Assessment Audits

Infrastructure is tricky. Know where you stand.

Your network infrastructure delivers the lifeblood of your business to your team: data.  Without the proper infrastructure in place, your customers can not communicate with you, and your team can not communicate with the partners vital to your business.
We understand these challenges.  Our team of network technicians and engineers come in to your business and perform a comprehensive audit and analysis of your infrastructure.  This includes validating cable quality, analyzing your network appliances (such as firewalls and switches), and more.  The finished product is a comprehensive analysis of precisely where you stand that can be understood by your IT team as well as your executive team.  Please look at one of our example Network Assessment Report.

Cable Testing and Certification

Our team can perform a variety of audits on your cabling to ensure that it was properly installed and terminated. We can also verify the integrity of cabling that might be exposed to weather.

Infrastructure Configuration Audits

A properly cabled network is only half the battle. Network appliances such as switches and firewalls can either serve as an accelerant or become a bottle neck for your network. Our team identifies your network configuration's strengths and opportunities to ensure optimal performance.

Granular Infrastructure Analysis

Network services running full steam ahead on one side of the building but dragging on the other? Our team of network engineers can give you a granular report of what needs to be modified to ensure that everyone in your business is delivered the quality of services their job requires.

Eliminate IT Headaches. Nightmares. Problems. Slowdowns.