New Office Builds and Data Conversions

You bring your business online, we'll worry about the tech.

Starting from scratch is hard.  Whether you are opening a new office, starting a new business, or simply moving what you already have, IST is experienced in starting from scratch.

We start with getting a good idea of your passion and mission.  Only then can we begin to  understand your needs.  We will make a detailed plan including a budget for the project and timeline for completion.  This allows us to execute your exact needs and wants on your schedule.

New Business Startup

We have helped dozens of businesses build their tech plans from scratch. Let us keep your business efficient and secure from the start.

Site Builds & Relocation

Moving all of the scary stuff in the IT closet can be a daunting task, and doing it wrong can be an expensive mistake. Let our experienced technicians and engineers relocate your equipment and set it up at your new site.

Data Conversions

When outdated hardware or software is kept around for no reason other than the difficulty of transitioning data from one system to another, your business is made less efficient. IST makes data conversions seamless.

Re-Engineering & Integration

Businesses have only two speeds: moving and dying. That means that things change. IST is here to re-focus your business technology to ensure that you are running as efficiently as possible by integrating existing technologies with what's next for your business.

Eliminate IT Headaches. Nightmares. Problems. Slowdowns.